Evidence & Economics

Evidence-Intermountain Healthcare 

  • 83% of nurses recommended adoption of MedLite ID

  • 78% of nurses reported increased overall patient safety and care

  • 81% of nurses noticed improved efficiency associated with line tracing

  • 87% of nurses claimed reduced stress associated with line tracing


  • 100% decreased the time it took them to find the medication line with an overall time savings of 34%, or nearly one minute

  • 100% expressed how the MedLite ID reduced their stress levels

  • Average time savings per trial was 57.3 seconds with just 4 lines

  • 51% nursing productivity/ efficiency improvement

Evidence-MedLite Tape Study


  • 80% of the used rolls tested positive for pathogens

  • 16 of the 36 bacteria and fungus found were pathogenic

  • Two bacteria identified were on the World Health Organizations of critical or serious

MedLite Evidence Summary

What Can MedLite Smart Lites Do For You?

  • 78% Increase in Patient Safety
  • 34% Reduction in Time to Identify
  • 81% Improved Efficency
  • 87% Nurse Stress Reduction

83% Nurse Adoption

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MedLite ID & Covid-19

Up to two hours per day of avoidable COVID-19 reduction per twelve-hour shift is possible

  • Healthcare workers can be exposed more often due to numerous infected individuals' exposures. Reducing the frequency and intensity of exposure to SARs-CoV-2 might reduce the infectious dose and result in less severe casesIcon-Covid-Checklist

  • …It is reasonable to consider an exposure of 15 minutes or more as prolonged. This could refer to a single 15-minute exposure to one infected individual or several briefer exposures to one or more infected individuals adding up to at least 15 minutes during a 24-hour period (CDC)

  • …Return to work 7-20 days since symptoms first appeared, and 24 hours from last fever and symptoms (depending on immunocompromised state.) (CDC)


$1500 Per Day Savings

Adding MedLite ID Converts Daily Loss to Daily Savings

  • 78% of ADE Costs Not Reimbursed
  • 56% of ADEs are Infusion Related
  • 19 ADEs per 1000 ICU Patient Days
  • 17+ Drugs Per Day in ICU
  • $2200 Lost per Day per 100 Beds
  • $5185 Average ADE Costs Per Event

Avoid $2200 Lost Per Day

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What is the cost of doing nothing? 

We can convert an estimated $2200 loss per day to $1500 per day in savings; after paying for the MedLite ID solution. 

  • Per 100 bed hospital beds, it is estimated that 153 infusion ADEs are possible per year 
  • This annual loss, of 790K can be avoided
  • After paying for MedLite ID, a net $500K+ in savings is possible 

Possible IV ADE Loss Per 100 Beds


Possible Savings Per 100 Beds