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What is the MedLite ID Smart-Lite Solution?

MedLite ID Smart-Lites are a simple-to-use, disposable lighting solution assisting clinicians to accurately and efficiently identify the single Saline Safe infusion line in all light settingsThe Saline Safe Line is used for intermittent medications, and often, electrolytes as well as antibiotics.  Any patient with four or more IV lines, and the potential for an infusion Adverse Drug Event, can benefit from the MedLite ID solution.  With 56% of Adverse Drug Events being Infusion, and 15% of this massive number being "wrong route errors", how can MedLite ID Smart-Lites help? 

  • ADE:  has the potential to virtually eliminate infusion  IV line-tracing errors that may lead to Adverse Drug Events, potential accidental death, and associated lawsuits. Making this a “Never Event.”

  • Disease Exposure: A multi-minute procedure can be done in less than 60 seconds, assisting in eliminating up to two hours of avoidable infectious-disease exposure per twelve-hour shift (16-bed ICU). 

  • Simple: 90 seconds to learn, 60 seconds to activate. Near-zero change to workflow and behavior. Patient and caregiver lives can be changed for the better. 

  • Patented:  Actually, very well patented: #10589019, #10064991, #10722641, #10967116.

Smart-Lites Never Looked So Good

The team at MedLite believes they can “Lite the Way” and help take adverse drug events to virtually zero, making them “never events.” Our technology centers on a simple-to-use, disposable Smart-Lite solution that helps clinicians accurately and efficiently identify the one Saline Safe Line in all light settings. Illuminating the primary medication line can help eliminate medication-infusion line-tracing errors, potential accidental death, and associated lawsuits. It also aims to reduce the exposure of healthcare professionals to infectious disease by two hours per twelve-hour shift, which they are challenged with every single day. 


Quotes-ImageI liked that I could use it to identify the line I needed from the other side of the bed and had quicker access that way.  Quicker access and detection of line in an emergent situation. When you have a lot of different meds running on a patient, it made it so easy to identify.”

Intermountain Healthcare

What are the Benefits of Medlite ID?

MedLite ID Smart-Lites can help convert an estimated $2200 per day in projected infusion ADE loss to $1500 per day in savings 
At 153 possible infusion ADEs per year per 100 beds, MedLite ID can help convert $790K in estimated lost direct costs to $550K in savings, after paying for itself.

MedLite ID Smart-Lites assist in the elimination of infusion Adverse Drug Event errors.
In a MedLite simulation study with Intermountain Health, we demonstrated a 78% increase in patient safety.

MedLite ID Smart-Lites expedites Safe-Line identification, reducing confusion during patient transports and shift changes.
In a MedLite simulation study with DSU, we demonstrated a 34% decrease in the time to trace the IV Saline Safe Line.

MedLite ID Smart-Lites decrease nursing stress, mitigating the “infusion confusion” or when IV lines get tangled in bedding or patient gowns.
In a MedLite simulation study with Intermountain Health, 100% of nurse participants reported reduced stress in selecting the safe line


Life Without Infusion Confusion?

MedLite Makes it Possible.


What would tomorrow look like without these risks?

  • 2 hours of avoidable infectious-disease exposure per 12-hour shift

  • 2x higher ADE risk for each ER patient admitted

  • 26% of ICU patients have a life-threatening ADE

  • 30% greater risk of adverse drug events with 10 additional lines after the first IV line (3% per line)

  • 19% nurse turnover rate in 2021

  • 80% of tape is tested positive for pathogens

  • $242,000 average payout for lawsuits related to drug interaction errors

  • $5.0M+ in average costs to hospitals for wrongful deaths

Without changes in how IV lines are differentiated, hospitals will continue to struggle to avoid ADE risks for ER and ICU patients, reduce nursesexposure to infectious diseases, and decrease accidental deaths and lawsuits.

How Does MedLite ID Work?

The following information is descriptive only, please consult MedLite ID Instructions for Use for comprehensive utilization information.

MedLite ID helps reduce the risk of infusion Adverse Drug Events - “infusion confusion" - by providing lighted indicators at the drip chamber, primary medication injection site, and venous access catheter. By pressing any one of the three MedLite ID devices, all three light up for 50 seconds, helping to improve patient care, optimize efficiency, and reduce clinician stress.

  • Pull the battery activation tabs from the 3-light Smart-Lite set, to activate and auto-pair the lights.

  • Attach one light to each of three locations: Below the drip chamber, below the infusion pump (or the middle of the IV line if gravity set), and prior to the venous access catheter.

  • Press any button and all three Smart-Lites will activate (they will automatically turn off after 50 seconds).  

60-Second Simple


MedLite Assure Guarantee

We stand with you

MedLite ID Smart-Lites can make infusion Adverse Drug Events “never events” and reduce infectious disease exposure for your patients, facility, and care team.   But beyond this powerfully simple way to standardize patient safety, we bring a rarely seen promise: To stand with you. To create the results at your facility with your care team.

MedLite ID Assure is available for select facilities, As you adopt MedLite ID and change patient care and caregiver lives alike, should an infusion Adverse Drug Event occur while using MedLite ID, MedLite ID will pay for it.  

Yes, we are that committed to your success.

Smart-Lites and the Patient Journey

MedLite Smart-Lites help caregivers to administer intermittent medications, electrolytes, and antibiotics for patients in their primary hospital rooms, but it doesn't stop there.

Smart-Lites also travel with critically ill patients as they move through the hospital (from the ICU to the OR, for example), offering the same identified SSL when and where critically ill patients are.

Using MedLite with pump in
the room and no extension tubing

1  Assemble IV set,  IV fluid,  infusion pump, and MedLite ID system.

2  Clamp MedLite ID Smart-Lites in three places on the Saline Safe Line: 

  • Just below the drip chamber
  • Just below the pump
  • Near the most distal port
3  Spike bag, flush fluid, and insert tubing into pump.
Using MedLite with pump outside
the room and extension tubing

1 Gather equipment: IV administration set, 2-3 straight extension sets (depending on how many you need to place the pump outside the room and manage changes without entering), and MedLite ID system.

2  Clamp MedLite ID Smart-Lites in three places on the Saline Safe Line: 

  • Just below the drip chamber
  • Just below the pump
  • Near the most distal port

Spike bag and flush IV fluid through tubing.

Connect extension set(s). continue to flush through tubing to eliminate all air.

Connect to the patient port.